To stay on the cutting edge of photography, one must learn how digital imaging has become part of creating photographs. I don't look at digital imaging as a replacement for film, but as another tool for the professional photographer to use and master. Having the ability to work with images digitally has changed how I shoot sometimes. I often look at a problem through the camera and will decide that it is easier and more economical to solve the problem in the computer rather than in the studio. I know many photographer frown on 'fixing' things in the computer, but I look at it from the stand point that what may take 45 minutes to change in the studio might take 5 minutes on the screen to do the same thing. The computer also allows me to create effects and images that otherwise would be virtually impossible. Whether it's the shift of a view camera, a graduated ND filter or my Power Macintosh. all are tools used to create spectacular photographs.

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