In the past I have explained how I created various images seen on my web page. Keeping all of the imformation accurate has been a lot of work, especially since I don't always remember how I shot each image. What I have done here instead is tell you about the equipment and techniques I use when I shoot. As with most things photographically, there are many ways to get the result. So treat what I have written as my opinions. They work for me :-)

Current Gear that I use as of March 2002

Cameras & Lenses:
I still like the Mamiya 645 camera system and it is a staple of me wedding and portrait photography. I own most of the lenses, from the Fish-eye and 35mm wide angle to the 45mm, 70mm and 80mm lenses. I have one of the 80mm F1.9 normal lenses which works great at low light shooting. For telephoto I have the 150mm and 300mm lenses. For digital I use the Kodak DCS-520 currently and I also have access to a Fuji S-1 and DCS-760 when needed. I am waiting for try my hands at the new Canon 1D and D60 cameras.

I have been happy with Kodak and Fuji films ans I use both depending on what's on sale at the dealer when I order. Mostly Fuji NPH 400 and Kodak 400NC at wedding with some Fuji and Kodak 800 speed films as well. Ilford Delta 3200 is another one I like and Kodak Tri-X is my main B&W film. I also use Kodak Infrared in 120 and 220 sizes which are custom cut down for me from 70mm arial rolls.

For on camera lighting I use the Quantum Q-flash and Norman 400b power packs. This combo gives me lots of power and control. The Q-flash auto settings let me worry about what I am capturing and not the exposure. I also use Quantum radio slaves to trigger Speedotron Brownline power packs around the room. I think that the Brownline is the best value in studio strobes today.

Some other items I always carry to a wedding include a few Tiffen Soft F/X filters, a Canon 500D Close up filter, Tiffen Star filter, Bogen 13 foot light stands, a Slik master Classic tripod and Velbon PH-173 ball head. I also love the Stroboframe CameraFlip flash bracket for mounting the Mamiya to the Q-flash and holding everything else together.


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