Weddings are a special time for everyone involved. I have had the pleasure of shooting weddings ranging from simple 3 or 4 hours affairs to some of the most extravagant celebrations in South Florida. Some of the most well known studios in the area rely on me to do the actual photography. They know they can count on me to capture everything, and maintain a professional and fun relationship with all parties involved. After all, the day really is the biggest celebration of your life. Below are some of the images I have created during the past few years. If you have a wedding planned in the South Florida area, let me show you what I can do for you.

Kodak High Speed Infrared film is unique product. Our eyes cannot see infrared light but this film does. The overall look is dreamy, glowing, with a very artistic grainy feel to it. This image was shot with my Canon A2 camera and 18-35mm Sigma lens. I used a Red #29 filter which is pretty standard with infrared B&W film. The image was then printed on color paper to give it a sepia tone to it.


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